Infinera Nyquist Subcarriers | World-record Spectral Efficiency
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Nyquist Subcarriers

World-record Spectral Efficiency Pioneered by Infinera​

Nyquist subcarrier technology divides a single high-speed wavelength into multiple efficient low-baud-rate subcarriers. The technology is enhanced with granular subcarrier control, allowing tighter spectrum packing. The results are even higher capacity-reach on a single fiber, proven to deliver world-record-breaking capacity.​


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Pioneered by Infinera

Featured in the Infinite Capacity Engine, Nyquist subcarriers are proven globally in carrier networks​.

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Multiple subcarriers

Multiple low-baud-rate subcarriers that operate in the sweet spot for non-linear impairments​.

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Unique clock recovery

Use less spectrum by placing clock recovery on inner subcarriers​.

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Breaking the world record

6.21 bits per second per hertz over 6,644 kilometers for a total of 26.2 Tb/s.

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