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Optical Transport and ROADM Technologies

Cost-effective and Operationally Efficient Network Scalability from Edge to Core

As networks continue to grow in capacity and complexity, sophisticated optical layer solutions are becoming both more critical and more ubiquitous.

Infinera’s optical solutions are designed and built to ensure maximum efficiency across the network to reduce operating costs and maximize asset utilization. From cost- and space-optimized solutions at the very edge of the network to ultra-scalable and flexible solutions for the network core, Infinera has innovative solutions that are easy to deploy and operate.


Cost- and space-optimized edge

Ranging from fixed filters to compact amplifiers to edge-optimized ROADMs.

Scalable and flexible solutions

Ultra-scalable multi-degree ROADMs with flexible grid, CDC add/drop, and optical mesh restoration.

Ultra-high performance

Innovative power management solutions provide the greatest reach and capacity for optical signals.


Seamless support for multi-vendor disaggregated network deployments.


“The ability to increase capacity by 33 percent and evolve our network to ICE4 and beyond is a game-changer as it allows us to reach a new level of scalability, service flexibility, and network agility.”

Mattias Fridström

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