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Photonic Integrated Circuits

Hundreds of Advanced Optical Functions in a Tiny Package​

Built on an ultra-high-performance indium phosphide (InP) substrate, each photonic integrated circuit (PIC) incorporates tuneable lasers, photodiodes, modulators, demodulators, splitters, combiners, attenuators, and amplifiers to deliver up to 800G per wavelength.​ This technology also enables multiple lasers to be combined on a single component, providing additional performance benefits such as SD-FEC gain sharing and improved spectral efficiency. Our PIC technology, combined with our in-house-developed FlexCoherent® DSP, provides the foundation for our industry-leading Infinite Capacity Engine (ICE) technology.


High-performance InP​

Integrates components to deliver hundreds of functions that enable up to 800G per wavelength​.


Fine-grained carrier control enables operation over any line system​.


Efficient super-channels reduce fiber complexity while increasing fiber efficiency​.

Routable and sliceable ​

Route N x 100G circuits within a super-channel in any direction over any distance with individual coherent modulation profiles​.

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