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mTera Series

Universal Transport Platform


Peace of Mind for Metro and Regional Networks

The Infinera mTera Universal Transport Platform is an extremely flexible and efficient network transport solution supporting scalable grooming and an innovative protocol-agnostic switch fabric in which each and every port on virtually every card can be software-configured between OTN and Ethernet. With feature-rich Carrier Ethernet and MPLS-TP and native SONET/SDH grooming, network operators can rest easy that the mTera can rapidly adapt to any network challenge.


Achieve unparalleled network efficiency

With support for any service and any protocol on virtually any card, from OTN, SONET/SDH, packet, to ROADM/photonics, the mTera can be software-configured and adapted for optimized transport.

Power new revenue-generating services

Deliver new and differentiated services (OTN, Ethernet, storage, legacy) to a wider addressable market without forklifts.

Take advantage of open automation

Automate all your networking tasks with open interfaces for easy integration with software applications and tools.

Leverage the ultimate network modernization tool

Migrate SONET/SDH to next-generation packet-optical technologies, including MPLS-TP, Carrier Ethernet, and OTN with STS-1/VC-4 switching granularity.

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