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The Infinite Network

Everywhere. Always. Instantly.

Bringing instantly scalable, always available connectivity to users and applications everywhere.

Built on the Science of Simplicity

The Infinite Network is a disruptive, end-to-end network architecture that paves the way to instantly scalable, self-optimizing networks that dynamically adapt to the demands of users and applications. Expanding on the power of Infinera’s unique vertically integrated Infinite Capacity Engine (ICE), the Infinite Network provides greater scalability and the powerful Instant Bandwidth operational model all the way to the edge of the network. Coupled with IP and application-aware switching capabilities and multi-layer network automation, the Infinite Network is the ideal solution to tackle today’s key network challenges while preparing networks for evolving end-user demands.

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Infinite Edge

Deploy the high-performance edge network that new applications demand. The Infinite Edge delivers comprehensive fiber deep 5G and DAA solutions with leading operational efficiency and disruptive optical and disaggregated routing technologies.

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Infinite Core

Stay ahead of relentless, unpredictable bandwidth growth. The Infinite Core delivers leading performance and instant scalability, from metro to subsea, up to 800G per wavelength, built on the unique power of ICE and Instant Bandwidth.

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Cognitive Networking

Radically reduce complexity and improve customer satisfaction with a network that thinks for itself. Cognitive Networking solutions help you automate your network for operational efficiency and service agility, and move toward the vision of an instantly scalable, self-optimizing network.

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Get Ahead of the Game

Your network is at an inflection point. Get ready to transform your network to achieve the efficiency and service agility needed to stay ahead of the competition. Let us show you how The Infinite Network can simplify your journey to a future of instantly scalable, always-available connectivity, everywhere from edge to core.

Watch the Video

Learn more about Infinera’s vision for a network that extends high bandwidth capabilities EVERYWHERE, provides an infinite pool of ALWAYS available connectivity, and enables service activation INSTANTLY.